Tuesday, 7 March 2017

So I Watched... Logan.

This was a film I had been looking forward to seeing for some time. Those who have read what I've written before know that I am a massive Wolverine fan, but really am not a fan of his replacement. Part of me was wary going into this because of X23 being in the film but since as this was Hugh Jackman's last turn as Logan, I was willing to deal with it.

To sum up the story without any spoilers, Logan is now an old man and not in the best shape, he is aging and his healing factor is not working as well anymore. He cares for Professor X, even older and suffering from a neurodegenerative disease and cannot control his powers without the aid of drugs, with the help of another mutant named Caliban. He is introduced to X23, who turns out to be his clone, whom he has to protect from a group called the Reavers, and get her to a safe place.

That is all I'll say about the story, but the film itself is amazing and in my mind, serves as a template of how to do a superhero movie properly. I can only guess that director James Mangold sat down with the studio and said that he wanted blood, gore, and swearing in his movie; they obviously agreed. It is a more satisfying movie as a result, anyone that comes into contact with either Logan or Laura's claws doesn't come away well and its a nice change from the kiddy friendly efforts of before. I can honestly say that had this not happened in the film, it would not have been such a good end result in my mind.

As for X23? I am happy to say that she was brilliant in the film, especially when she starts fighting. The writers of this film did a better job with the character than has been done in her current comic, but then again that was probably not too difficult. Dafne Keen does an amazing job as Laura Kinney and I could find no place in the movie to criticize her, my only hope is that perhaps the writer of All New Wolverine could take some notes from the performance. I say that because I'm pretty sure the only reason that series is still going is because of its name as when X23 had been in a series of her own before, it had been canceled due to low sales.

Knowing Hollywood, they will probably reboot Wolverine with a different actor but I doubt I will watch it; Jackman's performance cannot be beaten in my mind. I can only hope that if X23 gets her own movie that they will not soften the character for a younger audience but the cynic in me thinks otherwise. I will not watch another X-Men related film as I think they have squeezed too much out of the franchise at this point. I will happily sign off with this one, just like Hugh Jackman did so well and will certainly buy it when it comes out on Blu-Ray.

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