Tuesday, 21 February 2017

So I Watched... John Wick: Chapter Two.

Seeing this film at the cinema with my wife marked a sad historic occasion for me and her, and for the cynics reading this; I do not mean our wedding anniversary. Our visit to the local cinema to see John Wick 2 was the first time we had been there for a year as there had not been anything come out that we had been interested in seeing. It was nice to break that absence and this movie was the perfect choice to do it with.

We had watched the first one at home and really enjoyed it. We said to ourselves we would see the second if and when it came out, I am happy to write that number two is not only better than the first, it achieves this without changing the formula of the original.

Once again, John is trying to live a quiet life but an old debt comes knocking at his door and he is forced back into the dark world of assassins and contracts, but the debt he owes comes with a double cross which, against someone like Wick, is a really bad idea as the main antagonist certainly finds out.

At the time of writing this, Keanu Reeves is in his fifties (52 at the moment) but you would not believe it to look at him. Not only is his acting of the character deceptively gentle, but his fight scenes are a visual wonder. Other stars such as Common, Ruby Rose, Laurence Fishburne, and the brilliant Ian Mcshane are wonderful to watch in this film, it's ending pretty much saying a third will be on the way. I would consider saying this would be Reeves' Taken style trilogy, but that might not be fair as Taken was brilliant, two was pretty good, and three was below average, especially as you could tell in the last one that Liam Neeson really is too old for that shit.

There is not much more I could write here to praise this film except to say that you really need to see it. We appear to be in an age of reboots, remakes, and poor sequels. Thankfully, the John Wick series appears to be avoiding the latter trend and that is a breath of fresh air indeed.

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