Saturday, 25 February 2017

Marvel Coming Back?

I'm a little late to the table with my take on this story but I have been busy writing my book but none the less; here I am. I've written numerous times about my feelings about what has happened to Marvel comics and thought I was done with the subject and superheroes in general. A story popped up in Bleeding Cool News by Rich Johnston, a man I and others find quite loathsome, regarding the direction Marvel would be taking under new lead writer, Marc Guggenheim. He suggested that a lot of the politics that had been shoved into the various comics series would be "tabled for the time being."

I looked at that line and had my hopes raised for a moment as it appeared that finally, someone saw that the company's sales had gone downhill quite badly and that they needed saving. DC obviously saw this and have avoided it after the Rebirth storyline, Marvel managed to get the number one spot in last month's sales but only because it was a new title, previous months had not been so kind to them. Plenty of Marvel's titles have been canceled and will probably be canceled as a result of their poor sales, the most recent one being Patsy Walker Aka Hellcat. Kate Leth, the series writer, tweeted about this with what appeared to be a hint of arrogance, which I would have linked here but she has me blocked and we've never spoken before. She claimed the series would be finishing on "our terms", something I struggled to believe as her series sales numbers had dropped lower than that of Angela Queen of Hel.

In the past, Marvel has dealt with some politics in their stories, such as drugs and 9/11, and do so with some good writing and subtlety, but it got so heavy-handed with all the left-leaning crap that its audience went somewhere else and took their money with them. I was one of those people and although I think this news of a reform is great I still cannot bring myself to buy any of their stuff again. Why? Because I simply do not trust them anymore.

Their story telling became lazy, the artwork too cartoony and they either changed their characters' race or gender to appeal to the PC crowd. However, they didn't realize one important detail: a lot of that crowd may complain for more women characters etc in comics but they certainly do not buy them. This has been reflected in the sales and I am pleased to see someone doing something about it, but for me it is too late. I will not give them my money anymore for fear of being burned again and especially with the recent bizarre news of some Hulk and Wolverine hybrid.... Really?

The thing is that I can look back on this and tell myself that I tried, I tried to get onboard with this when I was buying All-New Wolverine but in the end, I just could not do it. For those who read their comics and enjoy them, I will not knock them as at least someone out there is. For me and a lot of other people out there it seems, Marvel died a quiet death a long time ago and I doubt it is a death that they will come back from.

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