Saturday, 7 January 2017

So I'm doing a Kickstarter...

This was something I had been thinking about for a while, it is a bloody big step for someone like me to try and take so it is not something I do lightly. Why would I want to do this? Well, please allow me a moment to attempt to explain it.

I am now more than ever putting more effort into my writing. So far I have a short story and a novel on Amazon but I want to get more work out there, but of course this all takes time and in some cases; money. I am also an independent author, someone who has to pay for editing and covers all by themselves and obviously that is quite a hill to climb. I took inspiration to try my own Kickstarter from an author named Robert Kroese, someone who is quite a successful indie author and even wrote a book about it which I have read. He has done numerous Kickstarters for his work and they have been very successful, I even backed his latest one because it sounded so awesome.

But why do mine? Well first off, I can pay for an awesome cover for the book which will be done by Peta Lynn Fraser, the same lady who did the cover for Nomads. I like Peta's work to no end and will no doubt be using her for every cover in the future, for those interested here is her page on DeviantArt. Editing is, of course, the big one. Nomads was not edited that well and I still kick myself for that, so I decided to make sure that it would be done properly with this book. At this point, Brian Niemeier steps into the equation. A friend of mine, fellow indie author, and Dragon award winner for his book Souldancer; as well as a hell of a nice guy. I asked Brian if he would do me the honor of editing the book once it was finished and he said he would, depending on his schedule, and if he is unable to do so then I will use the service offered by Amazon.

The best part of this for me would be bringing an audiobook option into the equation. I was referred to the services of JimFear, a voice actor and audiobook producer who offered me an audition of his work earlier this month. I was blown away by it and said that we should work together. The Kickstarter will enable me to pay him to record and produce the audiobook of the finished product so I can put it out there for people like my brother, a man who does not have time to read but listens to audiobooks regularly. Of course, I have to get the book finished so let me assure you that I am working hard to do that.

I suppose that this blog entry is my sales pitch in a sense; before I even set the Kickstarter up but I assure you it will happen. I will finish this up by not only thanking everyone who reads my blog and hopefully will continue to do so but by showing you a rough draft of the cover which Peta is still working hard on. Take care.

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