Sunday, 4 December 2016

2016 in Review: The Good.

The worst times I have when writing these articles is that thinking of what bad stuff to write about is the easiest part, thinking of the good stuff tends to be difficult. I really do find that a shame but this year finding such easy points was not nearly as difficult as before, I'm pleased to say. I often find myself expecting the worst in things such as comics and movies etc but I am happily surprised when the best arises from as such. As before, I am always happy to debate these things in one form or another but once again, here we go.

5: DC Comic Sales.

I'm not a DC reader, I must point that out from the start before going into this. Whilst I have enjoyed the odd Superman or Batman graphic novel here and there I really haven't collected any of their series. Some of them were so big by the time I got to them, the thought of collecting the back issues was a pricey one and it put me off a great deal. I didn't like the idea of The New 52 because it was just another form of reboot to me and I couldn't get onboard with it so I ignored it. They started things yet again with the Rebirth event and again I found it just wasn't for me so I left it be, but I do give them respect for being able to sell their comics and outdo Marvel. In January they only had one comic in the top twenty, in June that number jumped to fifteen, in September the number went up to seventeen but then was down to nine in October, but only because of a number of new series from Marvel. Good on them, I hope the sales continue for them.

4: Success of Suicide Squad Film.

It made me laugh watching the media doing its best to defend Ghostbusters before, during, and after its failure. It was one of many examples of how the media has become too progressive for its own good and should be taken with large pinches of salt and that is such a shame. The Suicide Squad trailers came out and instantly people took issue with the way Harley Quinn was shown, Rolling Stone (of all people) called the character "The Best and the Worst Thing" of the film whilst a horrible article for Buzzfeed called her "damaged dolly jerk-off material". The reviews continued to flow in but director David Ayer took the criticism well and declared the "movie is made for the fans" and I loved the fact that he said that whilst silently giving the finger to the critics in the process. The film sits poorly on Rotton Tomatoes thanks to the critics, but the audience clearly thought much more of it but it has been a financial success. The film's budget was $175 million, its box office intake was $745.6 million and a sequel looks to be on the way and I found it pleasing to read about. Oh, and to those who were complaining about Robbie getting changed and showing her bra in the trailer: give it a rest. I didn't hear shit from any of you when Chris Pratt was topless in the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer except how good he looked. Talk about double standards.

3: Brian Niemeier Winning the Dragon Award.

Brian is someone I know through Twitter and even did a live stream with once a while back. He was nominated for a Dragon Award for his book Souldancer and it won. It meant that it became the first indie title to win a major award and in my mind, that was a big thing. To me, it is a damn good example that if someone really wants to find a good story in this day and age, the indies are the way to go. Brian did suffer for this along the way though, he found himself being shadow banned by Twitter during the year in an attempt to shut him down but it clearly did not work, as I understand it his popularity grew and so did his sales for both of his books. His third book will be out soon (at the time of writing this) and I wish him all the success in the world, hopefully the day will come when he and I meet.

2: Rolling Stone Sued over its "Rape on Campus" Story.

If my dislike of the media hasn't been justified enough for you then I would hope that this example does the trick. The story behind this is a very long and twisted one which was a combination of lies and more importantly, sloppy journalism by someone who should have known better. Sabrina Rubin Erdely's article sent shockwaves everywhere upon its initial release but when people began to question it and its "facts" started to fall apart, the floodgates opened. Rolling Stone has now been successfully sued over the story and Erdely shown to be nothing but an incompetent hack, I can only hope that the university administrator who sued gets a large sum of money from all of this because I doubt Rolling Stone will learn anything from it. Erdely has been silent on Twitter for two years (at the time of writing this) and I can only wonder if she will dare to write anything ever again, who would ever take her seriously after all this? I know someone who was falsely accused of rape by a woman he met on a night out and it turned his life upside down until she eventually admitted to the police that she lied. It is not nice to see so I really hope that should something like this happen again that it is properly investigated because it really can ruin lives.

1: Revelations and Hypocrites.

Usually, I would not take too much comfort in the suffering of others but with this part, I fully intend to do so. I was a supporter of Gamergate back in the day, I wanted to see the gaming media clean up its act but myself and those like me were branded the most terrible things for doing so. It was always the same people saying these things as well, usually from behind the safety of a blocking program on Twitter. These people made themselves out to be saints in a murky world and acted like they could do or could never have done wrong in the world, but over time that proved not to be the case with some of them. Let's start with Devin Faraci, a man who was opposed to Gamergate and once called its supporters "misogynists and absolute monsters" and some more colorful statements as seen here. That came crashing down when he was accused of sexual assault by a woman and shortly afterward had to step down from his post at Birth.Movies.Death as a result. Oops.

Matt Hickey was another moral crusader and opponent of Gamergate who's past caught up with him. He had written an article for Forbes criticizing Microsoft over its use of scantily clad female dancers at a party and used such wonderful phrases as "prevalent sexism" and "it's good to know Microsoft is taking this seriously". Well, he was later arrested and charged with three counts of rape against women after running a scam as a man recruiting women for porn. Stories indicate that this could go back much further with him after three more women came forward to accuse him of raping them. He has since pleaded "not guilty" to the charges but the trail has only just begun.

Sunil Patel was also another one who had been very much against Gamergate and was one step away from donning armour, a sword, and shield in order to fight the good fight. Some of his tweets can be seen here in this article but once again, the past caught up with him. Several women came forward to complain of Patel's sexual harassment towards them and as a result, he was dropped by multiple publishers regardless of his apology. Patel's Twitter account has since being protected and his site shows no updates of any kind but the bitter irony sticks out like a sore thumb.

In fairness though, there were those in Gamergate who were not perfect and in one case at least, got their just deserts. Benjamin J Barber was prosecuted and sentenced to six months in jail and five years probation after he apparently decided to get back at his ex-girlfriend by posting their sex videos online. This was a dipshit that tried to get Ian Miles Cheong arrested and even stalked Randi Harper and took photographs of himself outside her workplace and as a result provided those against Gamergate with plenty of ammunition in the process.

Examples like these really show to me that when those like the above mentioned shout the loudest in public about things that they perceive to be wrong, then there just might be something dodgy behind it all. It just goes to show that there really isn't much need to fight with some people online as they will hang themselves over time if they have enough rope, all you need is a little patience.


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