Saturday, 3 December 2016

2016 in Review: The Bad.

This year will be one to remember, that is for certain. Brexit, Donald Trump winning the presidential vote, and a number of celebrities that died this year, I could go on and on but my god I didn't think I would ever see a year like this in my lifetime. However, there were other events and so on that made this year either good or bad and as I had once done with Metaleater, I decided I would once again cover each one in two separate pieces. As you've probably guessed, this one will cover what I consider the bad points. They are ones that I have chosen from a personal point of view that annoyed me in form or another and I will say right now that I am happy to debate these with anybody should they feel I have been unfair or now. Ok, here we go.

5: The Media STILL bashing Gamergate.

As far as I am concerned, Gamergate quietly ended some time ago. People still mention it from time to time but the SPJ events were the beginning of the end of it for me, many of the people whom I follow on Twitter who did use the tag no longer do but that hasn't stopped the media talking about it. The first was one of  "Five Guys" himself, Nathan Grayson, where he used it to talk about Steve Bannon being hired by Donald Trump. The article failed to mention Grayson's own ethical breaches which were discovered and his ties to Zoe Quinn but hey, he's obviously the forgetful type.

The second one I've seen (I know there are probably others, I know) was thanks to Matt Lees for The Guardian. The article was very one sided and against the movement as a whole, it did its best to warp the events involved in the whole thing but strangely missed out large chunks of information. Much like Grayson's article, Lees failed to mention that large amounts of ethical breaches had been discovered with almost every journalist involved and even where the SPJ got involved. The best part though? Lees is said to be the business partner of the husband of Leigh Alexander, who's article for Gamasutra helped spark Gamergate back on August 28th, 2014. Some things in journalism will never change I guess, but as long as "journalists" keep doing stuff like this, we will always be there to call them out on it.

4: Ghostbusters and the Media.

To this day I have never seen the media behave so biased as they did to promote and even defend the 2016 version of Ghostbusters. The film has since caused Sony to suffer a seventy million dollar loss and a sequel is unlikely, I really cannot say I am sorry to read about it. The treatment of people like James Rolfe after he dared to speak out against it was quite frankly disgusting and it is examples like this that I find it very tough to believe anything written about in the media. Apparently, there is an animated series or something like that on the way but I can only predict that such a thing will not last long. On a personal note, I did fear that my views were possibly getting in the way of my children wanting to see the film so I thought I had better ask them. My eldest son was not interested, my youngest son was too young and my youngest daughter cannot stay awake in the cinema to save her life, so it just left my eldest daughter. I walked into her room and cautiously asked if she wanted to see it, and then braced myself for the worst. She looked up and me and screwed her face up before answering me with "oh god no, it looks awful!"
Fair enough.

3: The Mocking Bird Cancelation and Aftermath.

I wrote about this a while ago and still very much stand by what I said. I still find some amusement in my various exchanges with David Bentancourt over his story for The Washington Post and his eventual blocking of me when I repeatedly asked for proof of this harassment. The comments section of that article is a giggle to read, especially when other commentators echoed what I had said and that the comments section has since been closed. It has gotten to a point now for me where I read stories like his and require a lot of proof before I can believe them, as far as I am concerned now: he was twisting the truth heavily to write that article and get some clicks. Such a shame that journalism has become this way, or as Sean Hannity said on Twitter regarding the press coverage of Trump:

2: Celebrity Outbursts over Trump's Presidential Win.

I love nothing more than seeing the rich and the famous lecturing people on how they should vote. They tried it with Brexit over here and the UK and it failed, they also tried it in the US with Trump and it failed just the same. With Trump, however, the fail was much more spectacular as they took to Twitter to express their outrage and sadness over the whole thing and I couldn't help but laugh at some of them and how bitter they were over it. Joss Whedon crawled back onto Twitter this year and he put out the Save The Day video where he got a bunch of famous actors etc to try and persuade people to vote for Clinton but it obviously didn't work. I can only imagine how the next few years in the US will be but as I have said before, I will judge Trump after four years because I think it is fair and I do not want to join in with a large number of people who are doing their best to end him. The celebrity reaction brought out responses like this and one from an online friend of mine, author Bre Faucheux who highlighted some of the celebrities quite amusingly. Many of these people I hold in much lower regard than I did before and will have a job to take seriously again, but I just hope they learn that when you try to talk down to people on important issues, sometimes they really don't like it.

1: The Decline of Marvel.

This one always hits me the hardest as I have been buying and reading Marvel comics since I was a child. Some of their stories have easily achieved iconic status and their characters, legendary. This year though, that all seemed to just get swept away as characters were changed, killed, put into daft stories, and unwanted politics were thrown in for good measure. The sales of Marvel's comics have reflected this though and it has been painful to watch happen, in January they occupied eighteen of the twenty spots in the top twenty sales, in June it had dropped to five, in September it was just two but had risen to eight in October. Even though I do not like the site nor the guy that wrote it, the article in Bleeding Cool that first talked about this really was an early warning sign and now here we are. I was one of many people who turned their back on the company and it's products to go to the independent companies and try their content, I have never looked back from doing so but the feeling of disappointment is still there. I purged my collection of any modern Marvel comics a while ago but kept hold of the older collectibles because they reminded me of better times when they had the star talent on board and not some of the people they have now. Part of me wants to see the company shake itself out of this situation and go back to how it was but my feeling is as long as Disney owns it there will be no change. I have thought long about what moment really sums up where Marvel went wrong the most and it didn't take long to be reminded as to which one. It is one that many people I have spoken to often reference, I shall conclude this article with that piece, from the now cancelled Angela Queen of Hel, and see who else draws the same sad conclusions that I and many others did from it.

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