Saturday, 15 October 2016

So I watched... Captain America: Civil War (eventually)

Before anyone informs me that this film has been out for ages and so on, I know, I just have not been bothered about seeing it due to my declining interest in all things Marvel. More so because of what appears to be the growing Disney influence and my feeling deep down that I feared that this film was a combination of advertisement for future Marvel films as well as trying to entice young children to buy their shiny toys. Anybody that's read Marvel knows the story of this film so I won't talk about it too much but be warned, there will be spoilers from this point onwards.

I didn't mind the story too much as it dealt with the consequences of the effects on the real world when these massive battles happen when the people on the street die: who will speak for them? When the Avengers are told they need to be brought in line and under government control, some like Iron Man sign up for it, others like Captain America do not and the divisions begin from there. I watched the film and had a job to like many of the characters in it, Stark is basically the asshole who believes he is on the right path, Cap is noble to a fault, Ross is just a guy in a suit, Rhodes is just a sidekick, I could go on here but Cap was the only one I felt I could cheer on as he was mainly trying to save a friend whilst others were either trying to arrest him or just kill him. Whilst I do like a large roster of heroes in a film like this, there was one that bugged me a lot, you can probably guess who.

Probably for the sake of pulling in the younger viewers, Spiderman has a cameo appearance in this film and is played by Tom Holland, aged 20 years old but looks 12, and to me served no real purpose in the film other than as an advert for his own film when it arrives and of course to shift some toys from the shelves. Granted he is in one of the best scenes in the film but that's really it, besides his minor intro and a small after credits scene. The final battle between Cap, Iron Man, and Bucky is ok but if you're rooting for Iron Man at this point you're probably in the minority because he really is just trying to murder Bucky. When the film finished I felt so unsatisfied with what I had seen that for a moment I wondered about trying to get the money I'd paid Amazon (they were cheaper than Sky) back but decided it just wasn't worth it in the end. At least I can safely say I will not be buying it in any form so I suppose I can take some relief from that.

What bugs me the most is that this felt like such a "safe" film, nobody dies in it besides the folks on the street and Crossbones at the beginning (although it's Marvel, they will probably bring him back) and I point my finger in Disney's direction for that one as the characters in the comics continue to change and the house of mouse's influence spreads like a rash, much to the annoyance of the older fans. Civil War to me was a very underwhelming film and to anyone reading this and interested in my final opinion, I can only recommend renting and not buying as if you do buy it, you're only going to put in you DVD/Blu-Ray player to watch the fight scenes and probably nothing else.

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