Sunday, 23 October 2016


I blogged a while back about how I was trying a different approach to book number two and how I was feeling better about its progress, this piece is an update on my progress and satisfaction of such. I I do not want to make it sound like I am throwing all my eggs in one basket too early but so far I have had a positive feeling about this and I do not wish to ignore it.

The word count has reached thirty-one thousand words and is chugging along nicely as I decided to spend more time getting to know the characters and their lives. I am attempting to correct a mistake I made with Nomads as well as building up the story better as well as using beta readers to help me with this. The story has been laid out much better than Nomads as well, it will be a story that plays out in three parts and hopefully will be more of a character piece but only time will tell I guess. One thing about my small experience writing stories is that they rarely end up the way I planned so ultimately time will tell.

What has bothered me throughout all this is what will happen when it is finished. As I have said before, part of the reason Nomads did not do so well was because it was not advertised anywhere, I pushed it as best as I could on Twitter but sadly to no avail. Amazon charges for advertising and it is not cheap, I am considering crowdfunding towards this sort of thing but I just do not know yet, the problem is that I have nothing really worth offering people who would choose to back something like a Kickstarter from me so at the moment it is not a great idea. I would love to go to a publisher but I really want to remain independent because I like to be able to say what I want, the last thing I need to to have a book published and then lose a contract in case I say something some asshole doesn't like and they contact that publisher.

I know I'm probably sounding bigheaded here but I see this sort of shit on Twitter all the time. When I spoke with fellow author EJ Spurrell in a live stream a while back and he told me the story of when someone contacted his place of work over something he had said, I really don't want that happening to me so in my mind, independence is the right thing and that is something I shall stand by.

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