Friday, 21 October 2016

Logan the Old Man.

The fact that I am sitting here, writing a blog piece about a film trailer, really made me wonder why the hell I was doing this. For those who do not know, I have only been to the cinema twice this year and that is an all-time low for me as I was always an avid visitor to my local cinema. Don't get me wrong, it has saved me a ton of money (drinks and sweets from that place are bloody expensive) but the content that has come out this year has been less than attractive to me. I saw Deadpool with my wife and then The Killing Joke on my own because we couldn't find a babysitter, I enjoyed them both but the other films that came out I either missed due to lack of money (Suicide Squad), refused to go anywhere near (Ghostbusters) or just thought "that looks crap" (Batman Vs Superman) and that was that. Yesterday I saw a trailer for the first time that really moved me and that rarely happens, in fact, I cannot remember the last trailer that did so. That trailer was, of course, Logan.

I had heard the rumors for some time that the next Wolverine film would be Hugh Jackman's last as the character and it was understandable due to his age. When it comes to his portrayal of the character there can be nothing bad to say about it as he didn't play Logan; he was Logan. My personal highlight of his acting was in X-Men 2 when the school comes under attack and he fights back with the character's classic berserker rage, what a moment. So when I sat to watch the Logan trailer for the first time, I had some idea of what I was expecting as the main picture itself clearly suggested that it was based on the famous Old Man Logan storyline.

I picked up on possible hints to the Death of Wolverine storyline and to me that seemed like a reasonable guess because the wonderful touch to the trailer was not the appearance of X23 (I'll get to her) but the use of Johnny Cash's version of Hurt. Because of how that song was used over the sad imagery of the old Logan and Xavier in the harsh future where the mutants have all gone, I am not ashamed to admit that I nearly choked up. I know that I will make the effort to see this film when it hits the cinema here in the UK because I cannot ever recall a time that I have ever had an emotional reaction to a trailer before and I doubt I will again.

Of course, I cannot finish without mentioning X23's appearance in the film but I do so cautiously. Logan's death in the comics of a well-written story and had a very bittersweet ending; they really should have left it there. But as part of Marvel's new progressive nature, X23 took over the mantle and the All-New Wolverine comic was launched and the first issue sold well. After the first issue, however, the sales numbers dropped quickly over time and when the Old Man Logan ongoing series was launched, it outsells All-New Wolverine by around twenty thousand units. I reviewed the series a long time ago for digifira and I stand by what I said about it. She really is an uninteresting main character so I look at her inclusion in this film with caution but also with the hope that if she does appear in her own film in the future that it is a well written one, and not because she is a female alternative of a legendary character being used for political reasons.

Time will tell.

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