Sunday, 9 October 2016

A Cold Winter.

This last week has been both a strange and discouraging for me in places, it really brought to attention that in this day and age that we as a generation really are living in some trying times.

I was annoyed that Nomads did not sell many copies but that was in part my fault that I assumed that it would, another author informed me that it was rare that anyone in my position would do really well right off of the bat and that I really was just laying a foundation right now, the more content I would put out there, the more I would get noticed. It was sound advice and I learned a good lesson from it and managed to get myself really focussed with book number two, it is coming along nicely and after I had finished writing a section of it I realized that I had learned lessons from Nomads without noticing it.

So far I have spent more time getting to know the characters of this story much more than what I did with Nomads, sure I spent some time with the characters but I do wish I had done more with them and as much as I want to pull the thing down from sale and forget about it, I will leave it out there because I still love the story and there is a beauty in its imperfection to me. This book I am working on now is almost at twenty-five thousand words at the time of writing this and I'm still getting to know the characters, I feel really positive about this book but I have learned not to put all my eggs in one basket when the time comes to release it. It really is true what they say about hindsight I guess.

I was shown this week that there are people out there that really do have it worse than me but I never realised it, I met up with an old friend for coffee on Friday and the last time I saw him he was doing really well: he was working his ass off at his job, he had a beautiful fiancee and they were working towards a house together. I noticed when we started to talk that he was twitchy as he moved, usually with his hands and fingers, he even seemed a little nervy and I was confused. He then revealed that he and his fiancee had split, work life was not doing so well for him, and he had been diagnosed with mental health issues. Outside I remained still but inside I was thrown completely, this guy was someone who I had admired and learned stuff from over time and to see him having fallen so far was a shock. We talked for a while and he assured me he was fine and working to build himself back up but the conversation stayed in my head for the rest of that evening.

Before writing this entry I met up with another friend of mine to catch up over a coffee, her name is Rachel and she has been one of my best friends more almost twenty years now, she is also one of the few people I can safely say I trust completely. She and I shared stories of how rough it has been lately, I have arthritis in my right knee and some days the pain is harsh but she has it worse than me, it's in her ankles, her knees, her lower back, and in some of her fingers. Her work leaves her tired most days and she doesn't have the energy to do things most evenings but yet she powers on, knowing people like her and having her as a friend has given me someone to draw energy from and keep myself going in my own ventures but again, it was a reminder of the times we live in.

Why do I write about this? We really are living in very trying times and I have come to realize that sticking together with our friends and loved ones really does help. I'm going to stay focused on these things as time moves forward and not waste my time with negative people that could drag me down and put more energy into my own creativity as right now, I feel that I'm getting a little better at it. This piece is also another thank you to those of you who come to read this blog on a daily basis, it's nice to know that there are people out there who are interested in what I write and that is something I certainly draw from as time progresses. This coming winter is going to be a cold one I think, wrap up warm and remember to reach out to people you know, you never know if you're going to need the energy or them.

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