Saturday, 24 September 2016

The Long Road.

To say that Nomads did not do well at the time of writing this would be an understatement. I took a look and saw that it had sold just a single copy, something that depressed the hell out of me but then a small part of me thought "well at least somebody brought it".

I have often been reminded that writing is not a guaranteed overnight success but the conclusion I reached that the book has pretty much failed did knock me back for a while, it didn't help that the GoFundMe I had set up for the equipment needed to record audiobooks at home only attracted one donation so I chose to shut it down and just focus on the here and now. As much as I liked the idea of recording stuff for Audible and so on, it is best left for the future when I can raise the money myself.

I instead decided to plow ahead with book number 2 but take a much more relaxed approach with it and improve on what I should have done with Nomads and get to know the characters a bit better. As the story has progressed, I have noticed a big improvement due to this approach and it has made me quite happy each time I have typed along and I have a good feeling about it all. Am I being presumptuous here? Yes, it can be argued but I took a look at the work in progress earlier and saw that even though the story was just beginning (in my mind) it had reached 17k words and I was quite pleased because in hindsight I wish I had taken my time a bit more with Nomads.

Whilst Nomads did not do well and did put me down in the dumps for a bit, I did notice something interesting this morning before I wrote this piece, the views on my other blog posts had jumped up quite a bit and I was both surprised and pleased by this. I write this blog just to put what I think out there, I do not mean to stir up controversy, attack people outright (although I have criticized some) or muck rake like some people do, and yet more people are reading this site. I am grateful to those who do, I really am, I am just a guy who cares about the storytelling platform in whatever form it takes and I worry for its future if more original material from more original people is not added soon. We live in an age where remakes are a big thing and others who have a platform those of us like myself can dream of using it to attack people who's politics they don't like, I don't like seeing that at all so I speak out against it.

I do not use this blog to big myself up at all, just to write my thoughts and tell stories, so I shall end this piece by saying thanks to all who take the time to read it and I wish you well.

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