Saturday, 24 September 2016

So I Read... Hadrian's Wall.

I took a trip to my local comic store once again to fish around for any new material and low and behold, something caught my eye. As those who read this blog would know, I have a thing for science fiction and this comic certainly hit the right notes with the cover alone. But does it deliver a good story?

A man wakes up in space, only to suffer a gruesome death (the cover is a hint) and an investigation is soon under way to find out what happened and maybe who did it. The main character, Simon, is hired by the company that owns the ship the dead man was working on to go out and find out what happened, the catch being that the man got together with his now ex-wife and shot him four times. He reluctantly agrees to it, not only for the large sum of cash he is offered but probably also for a little payback to the ex, who happens to be working on the ship.

The writers, Kyle Higgins and Alec Siegel, tell a story with moments of mystery and tension which will leave you wondering as to the outcome, it is complimented nicely by Rod Reis' art and especially the colours used in the scenes such as the cold scenes in space. It is a great start to what hopefully will be an interesting story and I plan on sticking around to see what happens, it also an example of how to start of a good story without using a cheap gimmick... are you listening, Nick Spencer?

Another thing to see with a series like this is that there are no variant covers for this, the first issue of what hopefully is a long running series. I know in many instances in the past I have gone after too many variants and it is something I will always stick to my guns about, and when I see a series like this launch I am always pleased.
Check it out.


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