Thursday, 1 September 2016

So I Read.... The Discipline.

If Glenn Close could not steer people clear of playing away from home when she played Alexandra Forrest in Fatal Attraction, then god knows what would. In this case though, it is the wife who strays but things take an entirely different turn as Melissa, the main character of this story, a twenty something wife who is bored of her husband and continuously fighting with her sister, strays down the path of temptation. These ingredients when mixed together steer her into the arms of the tall, dark and handsome stranger called Orlando and in this case it is not so much who he is, but more of a case of what he is and it goes down hill from there.

This is a story of darkness, sex, seduction and violence told with an engaging story from Peter Milligan and some very quirky artwork from Leandro Fernandez, but whilst it follows what appears to be the standard format of an opening story by being six issues long, I was left wishing that it had been longer so that it delved into the characters a little more. Also (and possibly a result of the six issue "cap") the ending feels a little abrupt and rushed, without giving the story away I was left wishing that the final scene had been a bit longer but the characters were believable in the story, especially Melissa's husband and he bares the brunt of her frustrations in more ways than one.

Respectably there are no variant covers in this series at all, issues one and two have second prints but those are never counted against a series and in fact, are quite for it in my mind. For those who wish to collect the back issues and read them, at the time of writing this they are still at a standard cover value and not difficult to pick up. Either that or you can wait for the trade paperback and check that out but yet again, Image shows that they can tell an interesting and different story unlike Marvel and DC who are still trying to reinvent the wheel.


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