Friday, 9 September 2016

Another Series of Thank yous

The last month has been an interesting one for me as I have been doing the absolute best to shill my Kindle Scout campaign and see if my book wins and gets published. In order for it to stand a chance, I reached out to the community, my friends and family to get them to vote for it and the result was more than I realised was possible.

The campaign page for my book tells me how many visits it has had, but not votes. This annoyed me a little because it was an unknown element to all this, at least with things like KickStarter you can see your progress so it became a little bit of a guessing game and a little part of my mind hoped a visit equalled a vote. Thankfully I have a lot of friends on Twitter who voted for the book and promoted it on their timeline for me and I simply cannot be grateful enough to them all for doing so. I see some people who like to criticise the platform and in some cases they have a point but I have had many pleasant experiences being on there, my book promotion is right up the top and I think it will stay there for quite a while.

Without further delay, I shall say a lot of thank yous now to those online who promoted my book as it is the least I could do right now, so in no particular order:

Scott Hall: The man who I once referred to as a "silver haired, smooth voiced, good looking bastard" and has been a guest on many of my streams, he is a fine gentleman and has been very helpful to me with advice on various things I have asked him about since knowing him.

Mr Wombat: referring to him by his handle in case he does want me to use his actual name, a man who I have spent many hours talking to since 2014 and am grateful to know, his encouragement knows no bounds.

Peta: My book's cover artist (as well as the picture above) and Wombat's wife, someone who I have decided to use when ever I need a cover doing or any kind of art as a reference point for my future works as I love her art.

Brian Niemeier: A writer with a massive following who took his time to promote my campaign even though I kept getting his last name wrong when we streamed together a couple of months ago.

Jennifer Medina: Jenn is someone whom I think very highly of, a beautiful lady with a razor sharp mind and certainly knows how to hold her own online. She is someone whom I would love to have a good debate with sometime.

Karisma Singh: Karisma was someone else who took the time to shill the link to my campaign on her Twitter, I once had her as a guest on a previous stream, one of my best, but sadly a badly timed storm prevented her from talking here and there. I hope to have her back on at the end of the year for the follow up.

Victor Gischler: A well established writer of The Ink Mage Trilogy and Gestapo Mars, to name but a few, he also tweeted the link and it meant a lot that a man in his position, much like Brian, took the time to help someone like me achieve their big break.

MegaMike: One part of the Shemworld (and Shemfest) team who tweeted about my book a number of times, he has been so helpful to me with that and with the ongoing project that is building my PC. An awesome dude.

Shemmie: The other part of Shemworld (and Shemfest) and a man who not only as kind enough to promote the book, but he also took the time to write an article about it. Knowing people like him truly has been a blessing to me.

There are probably others that I have forgotten and for that I really do apologise, feel free to let me know and I will add you in. My favourite time promoting my book has been at my work, I have been working in another department this week and have had access to email so I got to talk to different people and promote myself. I sent the email with the link to various people who gave it a vote but the best one was when I approached the General Manager. I won't name him in case he doesn't want that, but he is a top gentleman and an all around nice guy, I spoke to him just before the end of shift on Wednesday and told him about the campaign, he really liked the sound of it and was happy to help.
"Thank you, I shall email you the link now," I said.
"No problem, I'll forward it to everyone in my inbox too," he said.

To say that my head exploded would be putting it mildly.

I checked the page views shortly before he did that, it sat at around 320. When the campaign finished early this morning, it was just over 500 views. I wrote him a thank you email before I left work today and haven't smiled so much in ages, even if the book doesn't get accepted and I have to publish it via normal means on Amazon, this has been a wonderful experience for me, the support has been amazing.

I try not to be big headed about all this, but I like to think of myself as not a community funded author, but a community backed author. I really do like the idea of that, but is that fair?

You tell me.

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