Wednesday, 17 August 2016

So I Read.... Tokyo Ghost: The Atomic Garden.

An online buddy of mine, Holly, made a video for her YouTube channel about a month ago where she gave some of her recommendations for good reads in the comic world. Holly is someone I think very highly of and we had a fun debate over comics and what they are currently like in a stream I hosted a little while ago and it is one that I look back on with utter fondness. Whilst some of her recommendations were not for me personally (that's not saying I think they are crap, just not up my alley) in one way or another, Tokyo Ghost intrigued me so I went to my local shop and picked up the trade paperback.

Was it good? Oh yes, and it certainly ticked a lot of boxes for me. To describe it without giving anything away, it is the year 2089 and as the back of the cover states: Humanity is addicted to technology, a population of unemployed leisure seekers blissfully distracted from toxic contamination, who borrow, steal, and kill to buy their next digital fix.
The two main characters are both interesting and ones you can root for because they are both having to carry on even though they are both damaged in their own way, Led Dent is a man hooked on this technology and is losing himself to it whilst his partner and girlfriend, Debbie Decay painfully watches him go through this, uses him as a weapon when she has to and then tries to bring him back from the abyss afterward. They are ordered to go to Tokyo by their sleazy boss to carry out what could be their "last job" but as you would expect this does not go down so well, especially with the natives who are not thrilled to see them.

I cannot fault the writing, the art or the colours at all, they are all brilliant and in my opinion are at their strongest when showing the nature scenery or when the two main characters have their tender moments together alone with such beautiful backgrounds. For those who, like myself have too many variant covers as the main gripe with the industry today, the series does have them but they are literally one per issue and that is not only commendable but it is also a nice example of restraint on such a thing.

This series is a good example as far as I am concerned, that Image and the other independant companies are where its at these days. Series like this reenforce my choice to abandon the likes of Marvel as I seriesly doubt there could be this sort of story told there as it avoids a lot of the PC politics that Marvel appears to have taken on and tells a story that warns of nature's destruction as we consume more technology. It is a story of voilence, addiction, sex, brutality and discovering lost identity when away from it all. Well worth a read.
Good call Holly.

Final Verdict: 4 out of 5.

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