Saturday, 20 August 2016

So I Read... The Black Monday Murders.

In most cases, I tend to write about complete story arcs but today I was presented with my first example in which to write about something that has just been released. I was about to leave my local comic shop when I spotted issue one of The Black Monday Murders on the shelf and picked it up, asking the owner, Jeff: "Hey, what's this?"
"It's Hickman, what more do you need to know?" Jeff replied. An exchange of funds between us followed and I strolled out of the shop, very much looking forward to the read.

What I read certainly did not disappoint in the slightest, not only is it a wonderful and dark opening to what looks to be a very promising story but it is also a TRIPLE SIZED ISSUE. I love it when a series opens up like this, we the readers and the paying customers get a large chunk of the story which tells us more than enough and makes us want to come back for more, whilst charging a reasonable price for it.

A highlight of this new series is something that I feel needs to be brought to attention as it is an absolute rarity in this day and age: The are no variant covers for this issue, not one at all and that is so nice to see. Hickman's other series for Image that I read, East of West and The Dying and the Dead do have them (TDATD has only one, East of West has 21) but in this market and these modern times, to launch a series without a variant is nice because maybe, just maybe, the story comes first.
Pick it up.


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