Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Looking Forward to Shemfest

Disclosure: This blog piece is about friends of mine. This piece is a cross between promotion and celebration of various things including the topic as well as talking about some fond memories.

So a long time ago when Gamergate was in full swing there were various meetups taking place in different parts of the world. America was where a lot of them were taking place but there were also meet ups in places like Australia and right here in the UK. I went along to the meet up which took place on Gamergate's anniversary in Birmingham and got to meet many cool people there; it was the first blog piece I wrote for Metaleater many moons ago and I look back on that piece and the event itself with utter fondness. I even streamed about the meetups with Shemmie, the host of the one I went to, Nicole Sund who hosted one in America and my man mister Wombat who hosted one in Australia; we even had Cathy Young on as a guest star as she attended the big one in Washington DC. The stream was a lot of fun and I saw why they were so much fun to do.

Now Shemfest is on the horizon, three weeks away at the time of writing this and I cannot wait to attend but it should be pointed out that this is not a Gamergate related meetup but one purely for gaming. Not only is it a chance to see people again who I haven't seen in a while but it is also a chance to see some of the treats and special guests Shemmie has in for us all. It will be the second time this year that some of us have gotten together as Nicole came over from America on her holiday and we got to meet each other after speaking on Twitter and streams for almost two years. She was a lovely and wonderful lady and meeting her was an absolute honour. She and the rest of us got drunk together well into the early hours of the morning and it was awesome and as funny as hell, especially when the fine Irish gentleman that is Shabaz arrived. I'm still unsure how I managed to get back to my hotel, I think Google Maps may have helped but my hangover that I woke up with lasted all goddammed day.

Sign of a good night I believe.

As for the guests in store for those of us who are attending, oh wow we have a fine selection. First off we have Kate Russell, a tech reporter and author who will be giving a talk on the topic of Women in Tech, Mark Kern will be giving a talk via the internet about game developement and Mercedes Carrera will also be joining via internet to give a talk on being a woman gamer and the STEM background shes in. The co organiser of the event, MegaMike, has pointed out in the stream he, I and Shemmie did that she is there for that talk and NO OTHER REASON. Just thought I should point that out before anyone gets any ideas.

There will also be a selection of retro gaming consoles and computers to get involved in and enjoy but those who are attending I would advise to try them first as I will steal them the first chance I get, especially if I see a Super Nintendo.

For me more than anything though I will be going to see everyone again and catch up over a beer, a Five Guys or what ever because when we all got together almost a year ago now it was nothing but fun and my memories of it will always just that. More than anything though it was about a community coming together and I will always celebrate this community any way I can instead of those who would do their best to dump on it; something I promised myself I would always do no matter what. I shall finish this by leaving with a picture of the occasion that I blatantly stole from the shemfest info site, one which will always smile when ever I see it.

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