Sunday, 7 August 2016

Kindle Scout

So today I submitted my finished novel to the Kindle Scout program to see if I could get it out there for you wonderful people to read. At the time of writing, this it has not been given the green light yet but a dreamer like me can only remain hopeful that it will do. The best way to look at it I think is kind of like a Kickstarter but without the need to stump up some cash beforehand but perhaps given the way some of the more well-known Kickstarters have gone (Mighty Number 9, Tropes vs Women, Revolution 60, A Feminist Deck, Ouya, you name it) have ended up, maybe that's not the best way to put it.

You are helping someone like me achieve something I've been dreaming about for most of my life, something that brings me joy no matter what kind of mood or low point in time that I have been in. To me nothing beats sitting in front of my laptop and pouring my imagination through my fingers and onto the screen, to see a story come to life is both a joy and a thrill that I have yet to top and my book is what I hope will be one of many end results.

The catch with the Kindle Scout program is that the book will see the light of day if it receives enough votes (as I understand it) so once it is out there I will shill the link here and on my Twitter feed and shall ask friends of mine to do the same where ever they can. I ask all those that follow me to cast their votes if they want to and give me the opportunity to entertain an audience with my writing as often as I possibly can.

Finally, as either a treat or a tease (you decide) I offer the cover of my book for you to see, illustrated by the lovely and wonderful Peta-Lynn Fraser.

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