Friday, 5 August 2016

A Series of Thank yous.

This blog would not be in existence had it not been for certain people who I have either worked for, spoken to, taken advice from or all of the above. This post is a massive Thank you to those people, who they were to me, and why they are mentioned.

Tony Antunovich
I worked for Tony at Metaleater for almost a year and he was a steady and guiding hand as I wrote about gaming and the various issues and so on in that universe. He was an easy going, kind and helpful dude and writing for him was a pleasure in the time I spent at the site but in the end I chose to leave. It was not because of Tony at all, I looked at the gaming industry one day and I didn't like what I saw anymore as it had become a place where it's own press was determined to dump on it, where the releases were shallow on content and did their best to milk gamers of their money and provide crappy DLC at disgustingly high prices. I have taken time out from gaming and concentrate on my writing and have strangely found that I do not miss it but I will always be thankful to Tony and what I learned from him.

Brian Niemeier
Brian was someone I started speaking to through Twitter and often asked him for advice on writing, it was he who recommended using Blogger to set up my own blog and I will always be grateful to him for doing so as I prefer this site now as opposed to Wordpress. He himself is a widely regarded science fiction author and his books are well worth a look, hopefully I can get him in a live stream some time to talk about writing from his perspective and he will always be an inspiration to me.

Karen Long
Karen is someone who's work I came across because I followed the Self Publisher's Showcase on Twitter. It had been quite a while since I had read a good police story and when I saw a summery of her first book I downloaded it to see what it was like. I enjoyed the story and downloaded her second book to see what she did with the characters from the first, one day a friend on Twitter asked what people were reading and I responded and tagged Karen in the tweet. Karen saw the tweet, responded with "hope you enjoy" and followed me, something I always take as a compliment when someone does so. We struck up a friendship, chatted often, live streamed together and she had both encouraged me and supported me often, her work is brilliant and I advise all to read it.

Trever Bierschbach
Trever was the first guest on my very first live stream many moons ago, he and I share many views on writing and comics and talking with him for so long has been a pleasure. When he mentioned he was giving up Marvel comics after twenty odd years and I agreed with him because I had recently dumped Marvel. He invited me onto a live stream through his website, Frags and Beer, to talk about the whole thing and it was a fun discussion, he is also a published author and his work is available on Amazon.

Thor Holt and Jon Mollison
Thor has a podcast which is available on iTunes and so on called Write with Courage. He followed me one day and I decided to check out his show because as I said, when someone follows me on Twitter I take it as a compliment. The podcast is an awesome one: he chats with various writers about why they do what they do and offers encouragement to wannabes at the same time. Because I became quite a fan of the show and was quite vocal in my support of it, he gave me a shout out in one of his episodes and I was blown away and continued to listen and support. I tweeted one day that I was attempting to set up this blog but needed help and someone to talk me through setting the whole thing up. Thor saw my tweet and quoted it whilst asking for someone to help me out and what happened next is something I will always take as an example of what can happen when the internet does something good. Jon saw the tweet and followed me, we spoke over DMs at first and then over Skype and he talked me through it step by step and his helpfulness was wonderful. He is a guy whom I have never spoken with, who lives in Hawaii and took half an hour out of his working day to help a total stranger set up a blog. Think about that for a moment and if that doesn't make you smile then I do not know what will.


  1. And I get to be the first of the multitudes to comment on the new blog, so go me. Congratulations, it looks great, and I can't wait to see it fill up.

  2. Thanks for the mention, Justin. I wish you all success!

  3. Thanks for the trumpet Justin. Looking forward to regular thoughts and comments.