Friday, 12 August 2016

A Belief in Story Telling

Nowadays we have the Politically Correct brigade out in full force these days and when they see or hear about something that has happened in the fictional world... the rest of us are going to hear about it to no end. It had an effect on me at one point when I was writing my book and without saying what though as I (potentially) don't want to spoil it, I nearly took that element out as part of me (perhaps the big headed part) thought that I did not want to deal with the hassle. But then I sat and gave it some considerable thought, I literally took time out of writing the book to address it and consider if I were to actually care about any negative reaction from these Social Justice Warriors in any form.

I realized that after some considerable time pondering on it that I would not give the tiniest shit on what these people had to say. A conversation I had with the wonderful Peta, my book's cover artist over the some of the feedback she had received on some of her art and she had told me stories of her reactions to some of the shitty remarks she had taken. To cut a long story short: if it was unhelpful or it was abusive she would ignore it completely and focus on that which she thought could help her improve her craft. I decided to adopt the same stance because I wasn't going to be intimidated by these people and I sure as hell wasn't going to pander to them because the fate of a certain writer who did something they didn't like speaks for itself.

Oh yes. After throwing his hat in with the likes of Anita Sarkeesian, Joss Whedon made Avengers: Age of Ultron. The film wasn't a total train wreck but it wasn't brilliant either. Many women did not like the way the likes of Black Widow, Hawkeye's wife and so on were shown in the film and they took to Twitter to show it. Those of us that remember it almost took a small bit of amusement in seeing these women tweeting harsh language at him up until the point he quit Twitter but not amusement at the latter mind you, amusement it came from the very same people he had sided with in this culture war. Of course, whilst some news outlets did report this there were those who tried to deny it also but they forget those of us who saw it with our own eyes. As a popular saying on Twitter goes: SJWs always eat their own.

It is also annoying to me to see advertisements for the likes of the new Star Trek series where they advertise that the main character is a woman and that there will be a gay character in there too as a way to draw people in.

So What if they are a woman or gay? So what?

What happened to the days of just telling a story without using political baiting to draw an audience in? It annoys me no end to see this whenever it pops up as when they build this kind of a character or characters up and something happens to them that the viewers don't like you can almost bet on a negative reaction. A perfect example of this is what happened with the tv series The 100 when they killed off the character Lexa, a lesbian. The outrage was so great that it forced an apology out of the series show runner and when I saw this and just shook my head in sadness for how things have become.

I believe that the story comes first and that the characters should compliment that story. Granted the characters should be interesting themselves as a dull character can kill a story in my mind but like I said: story comes first. Lately, it seems to be the other way around as it is with this in mind that sales of Marvel comics have bombed so much lately, especially when they killed Wolverine and then had X23 take over the role. I decided to make sure it was a path that I will never go down, I will keep the story as a primary focus in my mind and hopefully tell a good one but I guess feedback from readers will tell me if I did a good job or not.

Amusingly I write this as if I am an expert in all this but I am really not. Right now I am just a dreamer who wants his work out there but at the same time really does not want to make the mistakes of those who have come before him. The campaign to get my book published through Kindle Scout has been active for a few days at the time of writing this and I won't know how many votes I received until it has finished, but I remain hopeful. This blog entry is pretty much my pledge on how I will proceed with my craft and that you won't catch me pandering to anybody, I will tell these stories any way I damn well want to and if people don't like it.... don't damn well read it.

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